My name is Brett Tyree. I am an incoming Freshman at Youngstown State University and a 2021 graduate of New Castle High School in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

At NeCaHi, I was an editor for the school’s newspaper, The Eye of the Hurricane starting in my sophomore year. During my senior year, I had the gracious opportunity to be the paper’s operations editor. In early 2020, I received a Certificate of Achievement from a local company for my work in my school’s journalism class. I have since created this website to not only immortalize the work I have already created, but to further be able to publish more works about things locally that a traditional newspaper wouldn’t go into detail with.

Furthermore, I was also a member of the National Honor Society and my high school’s VEX Robotics team, 16101Y. My team and myself attended numerous local competitions as well as the 2019 VEX World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, winning prestigious awards along the way. I also participated in the Pennsylvania Academy of Junior Science for the years 2017 through 2019. Throughout this time, I received two second-place regional awards and one first-place regional award, in which I then attended the statewide competition held at the Pennsylvania State University.

Throughout my time I will be spending in university over the next several years, I plan to achieve a master’s degree in the field of civil engineering, with a focus in transportation. This is something I have had a desire to do for my whole life, even saying in kindergarten that one day I wanted to become a “bridge builder”. That is evidently reflected throughout many of the articles I’ve written, in which many are about future projects and potential solutions for local traffic issues.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games with friends, biking, hiking, traveling, and practicing taekwondo. My favorite fast-food restaurant of all time is Raising Cane’s; as for other restaurants I love hibachi. I hate the cold and love the heat. My favorite city is Las Vegas, not for the gambling, obviously, but instead for the scenery. My favorite show depends on what specific genre, per se. My favorite cartoon is probably Spongebob before season 8. My favorite TV series is The Mandalorian. My favorite anime is Hunter x Hunter. And my favorite movie is easily Wall-E, which in my opinion is the best movie ever made. They need to build a Wall-E land at Disneyland… well on second thought that might not be the cleanest.